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March 13, 2018

Hospital Information Technology (HIT) Update
By Harry Grossman, MBA

We are a HIT!

The Hospital Information Technology (HIT) staff is committed to providing top-notch, A-1 service to hospital staff and users of our systems. In order to achieve this objective, we have already expanded our on-site coverage to 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM with remote coverage available from early morning to late night. In addition, we are currently working on installing an iRIS upgrade to version 10.03.2.

Perhaps the most exciting development is the selection of a system to manage all service requests submitted to HIT. This system provides a front-end, user-friendly portal for end-users (those individuals who submit requests) to be able to track the status of those requests as HIT works on them. The objectives of the system are to provide real-time status and information, and improve the communication between HIT and those requesting assistance. All updates are automatically saved on the service request as well as emailed to the submitter. It also has an app that runs on both iPhone and Android so you can send or check any service request from your smart phone. Because this system is so flexible and robust, we are currently investigating whether it can be extended to other departments within the hospital that also provide services to requesters.

These are exciting times for HIT as we actively improve our services. Please contact Harry Grossman, Hospital IT Manager, hgrossman@rockefeller.edu, 212-327-7689, if you have questions, concerns, or comments. HIT is looking forward to hearing from you!